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Zheng Yan Rou Gui

Zheng Yan Rou Gui

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Zheng Yan means "True Cliff" - tea directly grown in a nature reserve in the Wu Yi Mountains. The most important thing in these places is the special soil with a unique composition of minerals and trace elements. Which directly affects the richness of the taste and depth of the finished tea.

This Rou Gui went through multiple Tang Bei - traditional heating over coals.

The entire palette of aroma and depth of taste, the calming state after drinking tea, is embodied in the special Chinese term “Cliff Melody”. And it is presented in this tea.

Aroma: multifaceted, refined, deep and noble, thick.

Taste: dense and rich, fruity caramel, with tobacco, chocolate, spicy, berry notes and a menthol-sweet, voluminous aftertaste.

Impact: harmonizing, meditative, strong.

Production: 2023, Wuyishan Mountains, Fujian Province, China.

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