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Yue Guang Bai, 2022, 100 g

Yue Guang Bai, 2022, 100 g

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Chinese white tea made from Yunnan raw materials of a special grade. Made and pressed by order of Art of Tea. The name translates as "White Moonlight".

Yue Guan Bai is made from raw materials from large-leaved tea trees up to several meters high. They are called Jinggu Da Bai Cha or Big White Tea from Jingu. The unusual black and white color of tea is associated with the characteristics of this cultivar.

Aroma: floral, bright, slightly spicy, with sourness.

Taste: soft, thick, floral-honey, with hints of dried fruits, juicy and sweet aftertaste.

Impact: gives soft tone and inspiration.

Production: spring 2022 from Da Bai Cha bushes, high mountain (1800 m) Jinggu region, Yunnan province, press October 2022

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