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Yong Zhen Black Pearl, 2022, 250 g

Yong Zhen Black Pearl, 2022, 250 g

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Pressed Lao Cha Tou ("tea heads") from the Xin Wen tea factory.

Lao Cha Tou are formed naturally as a result of tea leaves sticking during the process of wet piling in ripe pu-erh production. Most often, "tea heads" are found in loose form, but in this case they are pressed into bricks. They are valued for their dense, juicy and sweet taste, but you need to ensure that the water is as hot as possible.

Aroma: sweetish-woody, with notes of dark chocolate and red berries.

Taste: soft, balanced, rich and thick with a pleasant bitterness, berry and nut-chocolate undertones.

Impact: invigorates for a long time. Helps on the road or creativity. An interesting and healthy substitute for coffee.

Production: 2022, Xin Wen Factory, Yongde County, Yunnan Province, China.

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