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Yin Zhen Premium "Silver Needles" Da Huan Ya

Yin Zhen Premium "Silver Needles" Da Huan Ya

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Chinese white tea from Yunnan province in the style of the famous Fuding tea Bai Hao Yin Zhen.

Premium tea only from tea buds of the first spring harvest. Tea bush variety Da Huang Ya

On the palate there are honey, floral notes and hints of fresh peach.This tea has a soft slightly grassy taste with sweetness not only in the aftertaste but also during the sip. 

Over time, the taste will develop and become softer and sweeter.

This tea is noticeably different in taste and size of tea buds from other white tea in our assortment - Yin Zhen Da Bai Cha. Da Hua Ya is more soft, rich and varied in taste. We recommend comparing them together.

Production: first flush March 2024. The spring first harvest is valued more than others.

How to brew white tea: take a porcelain gaiwan or a glass vessel. Warm up the dishes well. Put 5 grams of tea in 100 ml of water, use water of 80°C or hotter. We recommend brewing repeatedly using fast 5-10 second infusions. The cooler the water, the sweeter and softer the tea. The hotter the water, the stronger, richer and more tart the taste of the tea will be.

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