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Ya Shi Xiang Lao Cong "Duck Shit Aroma"

Ya Shi Xiang Lao Cong "Duck Shit Aroma"

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Guangdong Oolong from Feng Huang Mountain. The name translates to "Fragrance of Duck Manure", but don't let that confuse you. According to one of the legends about the origin, the aroma of this oolong is so bright and attractive that the farmer decided to protect his plantation from theft with such an unappetizing name.

The addition "Lao Cong" indicates that the raw materials for the preparation of this oolong were collected from trees over 50 years old. The taste and aroma of tea from old trees is brighter, and the effect is deeper and more powerful.

Aroma: bright, floral, with berry and fruit notes.

Taste: fresh, honey-fruity. Small, delicate viscosity. Long sweet aftertaste.

Impact: raises the general tone, concentrates attention.

Production: 2023

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