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Xiao Zhong Hua Xiang

Xiao Zhong Hua Xiang

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Xiao Zhong Hua Xiang is a Chinese black tea (or red tea according to the Chinese classification) from the Wuyishan Mountains in northern Fujian.

In the process of making xiaozhongs, they undergo a short but intense heating operation, 2-3 minutes at about 200 degrees. Thus, xiaozhongs have a characteristic leaf color and a “fiery” taste. The words "Hua Xiang" - "Floral Aroma" - is an indication that due to the class of raw materials and the peculiarities of the heating technology, the tea has a recognisable floral aroma.

Aroma: bright, with warm, floral-honey and bready undertones.

Taste: rich, understandable, with a pronounced sweetness, rich, sparkling, with a slight bitterness. Pleasant enveloping aftertaste.

Influence: warming, tonic.

How to Brew: Any tea utensil is suitable for Xiaozhong. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more rounded and pronounced. Warm up the pot well before brewing. Use water 85-90 degrees.

Production: spring 2023

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