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V78, 2021, 100 g

V78, 2021, 100 g

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Shu pu-erh made and pressed by order of Art of Tea. Made in the classic form of a nest (Tuo Cha).

Raw materials: Wuliangshan Highlands, small tea trees. Fermentation was done in the Menghai region.

Classical technology of long but moderate fermentation. With this technology, the tea leaf is fermented 10-20 days longer than usual, but at a lower temperature. This treatment gives a brighter and richer taste, leaf color closer to brown than black, and potential for further aging.

Taste and aroma: bright, slightly earthy, fruity-woody with hints of wild berries. Light pleasant bitterness and woody aftertaste.

Impact: smooth, a little bit relaxing

Production: fermentation 2020, pressing July 2021

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