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Sugar, 2022, 72 g

Sugar, 2022, 72 g

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High-grade shu pu-erh with classic Menghai taste in the shape of a square chocolate bar. The bright cover is decorated with sweet faces of Shiba Inu dogs - hence the mischievous name ;)

There are 2 types of raw materials in the blend: whole-leaf 3 grades make up the base, seasoned in a fair amount with tender leaves and buds of the 1st grade. Careful selection of the blend, moderate fermentation and preliminary aging of raw materials for 2-3 years, made it possible to obtain a good balance of taste, strength and enveloping creaminess.

There are 9 slices in a whole tile. They break off easily and weigh 7-8 grams. Nine tea adventures for every taste: ceremony, tea drinking at work and at home, hiking or business trip. Break off, fill with boiling water, wait, enjoy!

Aroma: bright, thick, with chocolate and nutty notes.

Taste: dense, round and soft. Tree bark and dark chocolate. The aftertaste is sweet and long. It is easy to drink, cup after cup.

Impact: pronouncedly invigorating, energizing.
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