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Shui Xian Gaoshan, charcoal baked

Shui Xian Gaoshan, charcoal baked

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The taste and aroma of wuyishan oolongs depends on many parameters, but two main ones can be distinguished: raw materials and baking. The raw material determines the potential of the tea. Warming up determines the final result. Tea can be spoiled if it is overheated or vice versa, underheated. But, when all technological subtleties are observed, tea is perfectly balanced in taste and aroma. Such as Shui Xian Gao Shan Tan Bei. Or "High-mountain Narcissus Bakeded on Coal".

Degree of heating: Zhong Ho, medium.

Aroma: bright, full-bodied and rich. In the aroma of a warmed leaf, honey and chocolate, fruits, caramel, walnuts are felt.

Taste: clean and strong, oily and dense yet delicate. Smoothly turns into a long, refreshing, sweet aftertaste.

Impact: warm, invigorate and inspire.

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