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Menghai, 2019, 100 g

Menghai, 2019, 100 g

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The classic taste of shu pu-erh from the Menghai region. Produced and pressed by order of Art of Tea.

Aroma: woody-nutty, rich.

Taste: balanced and rich. The profile is woody, with notes of nuts and dried fruits, creamy undertones and a pleasant, velvety chocolate bitterness in the aftertaste.

Impact: invigorates, energizes and concentrates.

Production: 2019 harvest and fermentation, pressing 2021, Menghai County, Yunnan Province, China.

Menghai 2019 different in taste and composition of the blend compared to the Menghai 2020 cake, we recommend comparing them both - both demonstrate the classic Menghai flavor profile, but from different sides.

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