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Lightking E-21 Gongfu Tea Pot 350ml

Lightking E-21 Gongfu Tea Pot 350ml

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Universal teapot with button. Replaces the tea ceremony set, suitable for office and home if you want to brew tea in Chinese style.

The teapot is equipped with a special button for draining the infusion, and each infusion lasts an average of 5 to 15 seconds with a gradual increase in exposure time. You get a rich tea, but at the same time you do not make it bitter, since the substances responsible for astringency and bitterness are revealed only with prolonged infusion.

How to use? Put the required amount of tea leaves in the upper compartment. Pour fresh boiling water, wait and press the button. Ready. Enjoy your tea!

Volume: 350 ml
Brewing compartment volume: 120 ml

Materials: tempered glass, food grade plastic, polished stainless steel.

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