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Jinggu Gu Shu, 2022, 100 g

Jinggu Gu Shu, 2022, 100 g

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Sheng pu-erh from old trees from the Jinggu region (Jinggu, 景谷), produced and pressed by order of Art of Tea.

Raw material features:

- large old trees (Gu Shu), about 200 years old;

- tea garden is located in a highland area at an altitude of about 2200 m;

- harvest - April 2022, pressing - march 2023;

- manual traditional processing of raw materials, drying in the sun.

Oily, dense, enveloping, yet soft. Sweet and refreshing, gradually turning into honey sweetness.

Powerful and bright sheng pu-erh with great aging potential.

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