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Elephant Dian Hong, 2023, 100 g

Elephant Dian Hong, 2023, 100 g

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The classic Dian Hong red (black) tea is made from raw materials from a high-altitude tea plantation of Wuliang Mountain and pressed by order of Art of Tea. When we selected and blended the raw materials for this tea, we were inspired by the idea to make an understandable and tasty red tea, with an attractive taste profile that would be as close as possible to "the same" Indian "elephant tea".

Aroma: fresh, chocolate-tobacco, with notes of vanilla and berries.

Taste: bright, velvety and sweetish with pleasant astringency and berry sourness.

Impact: tonic, warming.

Production: harvest March 2023, pressing - March 2023, Wuliang Mountains, Pu'er County, Yunnan Province, China.

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