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GABA tea from Wuliangshan, 2022, 100 g

GABA tea from Wuliangshan, 2022, 100 g

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Gaba tea, made and pressed by order of Art Of Tea from Yunnan raw materials. For the production of this pancake, a tea leaf was used from large tea trees aged 70 years from the highlands of Wuliangshan (2000 m).

An unusual taste reminiscent of Taiwanese gaba, sheng pu-erh, and red at the same time, combined with a powerful, heady-relaxing effect. Tea so that the soul turns around and goes on a creative flight!

Aroma: sweet honey, floral, cozy, warm.

Taste: sweet, juicy-fruity, pleasantly tart, slightly resinous, with berry and honey-floral notes. The aftertaste is sweet, juicy, voluminous.

Impact: Relaxes, clears the mind, inspires and inspires.

Brewing: warm the dishes well and pre-rinse the tea with boiling water. Use water at a temperature of 96–98 °C, do not let it cool down. For repeated Chinese-style brewing, take 6 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. Infuse for 10-20 seconds to taste, increasing the time of each brew by 3-5 seconds.

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