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Wu Liang Organic, 2022, 100 g

Wu Liang Organic, 2022, 100 g

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Sheng pu-erh from large and small trees from an organic garden in the vicinity of the Wuliangshan mountain range. Produced and pressed by order of Art of Tea.

Raw material features:

- the garden is located in the highlands of Wuliangshan;
- the leaf is collected from one tea garden (mono raw material, not a blend);
- the age of the trees in the garden is on average from 30 to 70 years;
- the farmer does not use pesticides and chemicals and tries to adhere to traditional farming methods - such a garden in the Chinese classification is called "Shengtai" or "Organic";

Aroma: fruity (peach), floral, slightly herbaceous.

Infusion: light green, with a yellowish tint, olive.

Taste and aftertaste: dense, bright and fresh. With a slight, very pleasant bitterness, balanced by fruity sweetness. Refreshing, herbaceous-floral (meadow flowers and honey), fruity, very juicy.

Impact: gradual, first relaxing, then adjusting and giving a feeling of vigor and tone.

Production: China, Prov. Yunnan, Pu'er County, surroundings of the Wuliangshan Mountains, raw material spring 2022 (first harvest), press 2022, commissioned by The Art of Tea.

How to brew: Porcelain gaiwan or clay teapot, rinse with boiling water, then - quick brewing with boiling water.
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