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Black Dragon, 2022, 200 g

Black Dragon, 2022, 200 g

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Flagship shu pu-erh from Art of Tea made from selected raw materials from old trees - powerful, fat, bright!
For the production of this pu-erh, we used top single raw materials from old tea trees aged 150-250 years from the high mountain tea garden in the Mengku region. Delicate, gentle fermentation in baskets made it possible to preserve the full depth of taste and aroma of the original first-class raw materials in the finished tea.

Tea is good now, but has excellent potential for further storage and development.

Aroma: bright, rich, multifaceted, creamy-nutty, sweetish, confectionery, with notes of dried mushrooms, dried fruits and berries.

Infusion color: noble, rich chestnut, with an amber tint.

Taste and aftertaste: woody-nutty, dense, creamy-confectionery, with a pleasant chocolate bitterness and berry-dried fruit notes. Smoothly turns into a creamy, soft and sweet aftertaste.

Impact: pronounced, strong, deep, inspires, gives strength.

Production: Autumn 2021 - Harvest in the Mengku region, 2022 - Fermentation and further processing by an experienced technologist in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.
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