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Rou Gui Gao Shan "Hua Xiang"

Rou Gui Gao Shan "Hua Xiang"

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High quality Wuyishan Oolong tea. The degree of roasting of the tea leaf is medium to emphasize the subtle floral and fruity notes. This degree of heating requires a high initial quality of the tea leaf and skill from the master technologist.

To feel all the patitra and diversity, we recommend brewing this tea thoughtfully and attentively.

Aroma: multifaceted, refined, deep and noble.

Taste: rich, with fruity, chocolate, spicy nuances and a voluminous, refreshing aftertaste.

Influence: leveling, harmonizing, meditative.

Production: 2022, around Wuyishan Mountains, Fujian Province, China.

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